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Mammography Resources

Below are resources on breast cancer, mammography, and screening for women with disabilities and their health care providers.

“Facts for Life: Women with Disabilities”

  • Women with disabilities tend to get screened for  breast cancer a lot less often than women without disabilities. This tip sheet created by Susan G. Komen for the Cure discusses barriers to mammography and advice for successful screening for women with disabilities. This tip sheet can be viewed in PDF format here.

“Women First: Breast Health for Women with Developmental Disabilities”

  • This guide was created by the Breast Health for Women with Disabilities Project and is intended for use by self-advocates and health care providers when addressing breast health issues, like breast self exams, breast cancer, visits to health care providers, etc., as well as to educate women with developmental disabilities about basic breast health information.  View this handbook in PDF format.

“Tips for Women with Disabilities: Getting Your Mammogram”

“Screening for Life”

  • This helpful resource is provided by the Delaware Division of Public Health and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for eligible Delawareans to receive free screening tests.

Breast Cancer Facts and Tips on Getting Screened for Women with Disabilities

  • This tip sheet from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Right to Know campaign offers important facts on breast cancer and tips to overcome challenges that women with disabilities may face in getting a quality mammogram and clinical exam.This resource is available here in PDF format.


Four Women with Disabilities Tell Their Stories

For resources on providing services to people with disabilities in a general health care setting, please visit our health care provider page.