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Inclusive Fitness Trainer Workshop

Staff from the  National Center for Physical Activity and Disability will be in Delaware on March 31, 2011 to conduct an Inclusive Fitness Trainer Workshop. This all-day workshop will be held at the Brandywine YMCA in Wilmington. The program begins at 8:30 and will run until 4:30.  Attendees will be eligible for seven ACSM educational units .

With our partners at the YMCA of Delaware, we are excited to make this training available to fitness trainers interested in expanding their knowledge and skills for working with individuals with disabilities.

Register for this workshop now. Details and further instructions will be emailed to you once your registration is received.

This workshop will cover skills you will need to create an inclusive fitness experience.

Disability Awareness and Facility Design

You will learn basic disability terms, law, etiquette, and communication as well as how to adapt the environment of your facility and provide appropriate community resources.  You will also identify barriers that prevent full inclusion in exercise and physical activity programs and discuss solutions to these barriers.

Exercise Physiology

You will learn about characteristics of various disabilities or health conditions as they relate to exercise including altered physiology and anatomy of systems as well as altered responses to exercise by various body systems.

Fitness Assessment and Programming

You will learn the purpose of, procedures for, and limitations of fitness testing and assessment techniques as they relate to disabilities or health conditions as well as identify conditions in which exercise may be contraindicated and require physician referral.  You will also learn current guidelines for exercise training with clients of various disabilities and health conditions along with special considerations for modifying aerobic, resistance, flexibility, and functional exercise prescription.

Specific Disabilities

You will learn clinical, medical, and environmental considerations for various disabilities and health conditions that will allow you to prevent, identify, and react to medical emergencies specific to exercise programming.

Behavior Strategies

You will learn how to apply and modify appropriate behavior management interventions as well as communication skills as related to exercise programming for persons with sensory, mobility, cognitive and psychiatric disabilities.

You can register for this workshop online.

For more information about this workshop, please contact Eileen Sparling at 302-831-8802 or at