Individuals with Disabilities, Families and Caregivers


Because each person’s needs are unique, the responsibilities of caregivers are also unique.  Caregivers assist with many tasks that help individuals complete daily activities.  These tasks may include helping with billing and insurance decisions, accompanying individuals to medical appointments, physical care and attendance activities, and navigating care options.

Most people assume the role of caregiver at some point in their lives.  Caregivers can include family members, neighbors, friends, and direct service professionals.  Because many people assume the role of caregiver, it is important that there are resources available for people in each role to gain support and information.

Below are some resources for both family members and direct support professionals as caregivers.  The resources should provide helpful information for caregivers with questions about providing support for individuals with special health care needs.

Resources for Family Members

Caregiver Support Resources

Caregiver Information

Caregiver Health from the American Medical Association

Messages to Live By for Family Caregivers

Taking Care of YOU: Self-Care for Family Caregivers

Dental Care Every Day: A Caregiver’s Guide

Families with Special Needs: Caregiving Tips

Long Distance Caregiving

Managing Home Health Care for Parents

Resources for Direct Support Professionals

National Clearinghouse on the Direct Care Workforce

The Direct Care Alliance, Inc.

How Health Care Reform Impacts Direct Care Workers and Their Employees

The Paraprofessional Health Care Institute

The National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals

College of Direct Support

National Direct Service Workforce Resource Center