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Universal Design

The concept of Universal Design is to optimize the functionality of all places for all people.  Its design features can be applied to public places, as well as, in housing. Universal Design is a way to incorporate accommodations into the initial design of buildings to make buildings accessible without additional features.

The use of Universal Design in housing is intended to make more housing usable by more people at little or no extra cost.  The market for Universal Design in housing includes everyone at some point in their lives, and the movement toward Universal Design in housing and consumer products is becoming more viable as our population ages.  Manufacturers and builders who use the Universal Design concept design their products and buildings to be as usable as possible by a larger population including: children, people who want to age in place, and people with disabilities.

Some Features of Universal Design in Housing

  • Easy Access- a step free entrance
  • Easy Passage- Ample room to pass through the door ways on the main floor
  • Easy Use- A spacious bedroom, full bathroom, kitchen and entertainment area all located on the main floor accessible via the step free entrance.

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