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Center for Disabilities Studies
University of Delaware
461 Wyoming Road
Newark DE 19716
Phone: 302-831-6974
TDD: 302-831-4689


In 2009 the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition  partnered with the University of Delaware’s Center for Disabilities Studies (CDS) to conduct an accessibility assessment of all mammography facilities in Delaware. Through funding from the Avon Foundation, the Delaware Mammography Access Project created an online guide to mammography facilities that women can access to determine which facility will best meet their needs.  The online guide can be found at

Learn about CDC’s Right to Know Campaign that focuses on screening for women with disabilities.

All mammography facilities in Delaware were invited to participate. The assessment gathered information about the physical accessibility of the facility, as well as service-related information that may impact accessibility, including hours of operation, languages spoken, and information related to parking, route accessibility, and equipment. The project identifies areas of concern around the accessibility of mammography facilities for women with disabilities and identifies challenges faced by mammography facility staff when providing services to women with disabilities.  The guide is available in alternative formats upon request.

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