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Women’s Health

An active, healthy lifestyle is an important aspect of every woman’s life. Stressful and hectic lives can discourage women from meeting daily activity and nutrition recommendations. In the United States, only 30% of women 18 years and over engaged in regular leisure-time physical activitywoman at doctor's appointment in 2008 (National Center for Health Statistics 2010). Thirty-five percent (35%) of all women 20 years and over were obese in 2006.

For women with disabilities, the task of meeting recommended fitness and nutrition goals can be even more difficult. Barriers such as inaccessible equipment, lack of transportation, and attitudinal barriers can discourage women with disabilities from leading active and healthy lives.

Although women with disabilities often recognize the importance of preventive health, such as, cancer screening, they can face difficulties that prevent them from receiving adequate care. Medical equipment is often inaccessible for women with physical disabilities. Women also report being uncomfortable interacting with health care professionals because of their limited knowledge about their disability and how it may impact a specific activity (Mele 2005).

Healthy Delawareans with Disabilities is working to identify these barriers and provide opportunities for healthy lifestyles for all. In addition to projects promoting accessible recreation, HDWD is working to address accessibility barriers through its facilitation of the Delaware Mammography Accessibility Project. Women with disabilities can have access to more information about healthy lifestyles through our work on these projects and our many resources listed below.

Women’s Health Resources

Screening for Life

  • Screening for Life is a program of the Delaware Division of Public Health and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  It provides payment for cancer screening tests to qualified Delaware adults.  Prostate and colorectal exams for men are both ways for early detection of cancer, and should be considered a regular part of every man’s preventative health measures, regardless of ability to pay. For more information on the Screening for Life program in Delaware, visit their website.


  • The Office on Women’s Health provides information for women on many different topics.  Information is available for women on health concerns and on special topics, like pregnancy and breastfeeding. There are many national reports available on women’s health issues in America.

  • This site provides current information on insurance benefits and changes to insurance after Health Care Reform or the Affordable Care Act.  Women, families with children, people with disabilities, seniors, young adults and pregnant women can find out insurance information for their specific needs.

Quick Tips for Healthy Living for Women

  • This site addresses key health questions that women have about topics like breastfeeding, taking vitamins, eating healthy, and exercising.  There is also a helpful newsletter you can subscribe to and receive women’s healthy living tips.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention- Women’s Health

  • It is important to realize your risk for health conditions and to know about how you can reduce your risks for disease.  This website on women’s health topics is provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  The site has information on breast cancer screening and the Right to Know Campaign, cervical cancer screening, and healthy living.

Injury Prevention and Control: Violence Prevention

  • This website covers topics like intimate partner violence, understanding teen dating violence, and preventing violent relationships.  Relationship violence is an important topic that can affect anyone—this is a great resource for anyone searching for information on this topic.


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