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Transition Resources

The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council developed the Healthcare Transition Training Program for Families and Youth program, a web-based training designed to help young people with disabilities and chronic health conditions and their families with the process of planning for and successfully completing a transition to adult oriented medical services.

The Healthy and Ready to Work Project focuses on understanding systems, access to quality health care, and increasing the involvement of youth. It also includes provider preparation plus tools and resources needed to make more informed choices!

The Adolescent Health Transition Project is designed to help smooth the transition from pediatric to adult health care for adolescents with special health care needs. This site is a resource for information, materials, and links to other people with an interest in health transition issues.

The purpose of the Medical Home Physician Pages is to provide resources and tools that help physicians, other primary health care providers, and their office staff serve as effective medical home providers for children and youth, especially those with special health care needs.

Got Transition is the new National Health Care Transition Center supported by a cooperative agreement between the US Maternal and Child Health Bureau/HRSA and the Center for Medical Home Improvement (CMHI) at Crotched Mountain Foundation.

The Kentucky Commission for Children with Special Healthcare Needs hasĀ information on staying healthy, becoming independent and insurance issues. This site includes teaching sheets and life maps.

The National Center on Secondary Education and Transition offers information to teens and young adults on creating opportunities for youth with disabilities to achieve a successful future.

The University of Wisconsin has created a training guide for individuals wanting to help young people with special healthcare needs and their parents prepare for transition to adult healthcare.

New York State Developmental Disabilities Council has an interactive website with resources and checklistsĀ forĀ transitioning from pediatric to adult healthcare.