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Healthy Transitions Workshop

A Workshop Series on Medical Transition for Youth, Young Adults and their Family Members

Healthy Transitions is a workshop series that prepares adolescents and young adults (ages 14-30) for the transition from the pediatric to the adult healthcare system. Through three training sessions, adolescents and young adults will learn about the transition process and how to take responsibility for their health. Family members will learn how they can support the adolescent/young adult in the transition process. Youth and family members will meet separately to ensure the best learning environment for each group. Youth and family members will come together at the end of each session to discuss what they have learned.

Healthy Transitions sessions is offered once a week for three consecutive weeks.

To find out more about the workshop series and the schedule, please contact Terri Hancharick at or at 302-831-8374.

Session 1: General Transition Issues

This session will provide information on the transition process from pediatric to adult health care providers. We will provide you with a timeline to show you what you should be doing at specific ages. For family members, we will discuss their involvement and responsibilities as the adolescent grows
into adulthood.

Session 2: Insurance Issues
This session will focus on helping you understand what will change for you and your insurance when you are an adult, what you are entitled to, and how to ask for it and get it. Family members will learn about the changes in insurance status and different options for insurance.

Session 3: Healthy Lifestyles
In this class you will learn what it means to be healthy and why it is important to take care of your health. Family members will learn how they can support you in leading a healthy lifestyle.