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Health Care

Good health is a fundamental component of an individual’s life and impacts an individual’s access to school and employment, social and recreational activities, and community life. Due to inactive lifestyles, unhealthy habits such as smoking, poor nutrition, lack of insurance, and limited access to health and wellness services and resources, many individuals are not as healthy as they could be.

Individuals with disabilities encounter numerous additional barriers such as difficulty entering a building, using a scale or x-ray machine, or obtaining information about managing a health condition that comes in a visual or auditory form they can use.. Yet, having a disability should not prevent an individual from leading a healthy life. With the appropriate information, supports, services, resources, policies, and laws in place, individuals with disabilities can lead, achieve, and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Accessibility extends beyond physical and economic access to health care.  Accessibility features for individuals with disabilities can include anything that allows access to the same services and structures as all people.  To learn more about accessibility and health care for people with disabilities please visit

Maintaining good emotional well-being is fundamental to feeling good about yourself, and maintaining overall good health.  For more information about the warning signs and resources locally and nationally check out

For women with disabilities, the task of meeting recommended fitness and nutrition goals can be even more difficult. Barriers such as inaccessible equipment, lack of transportation, and attitudinal barriers can discourage women with disabilities from leading active and healthy lives.  To find out more information about women’s health please visit

Males in the United States face many secondary health conditions, including heart disease and prostate cancer.  Men with disabilities face barriers that may make exercise or preventative screening more difficult.  For more information on men’s health and fitness check out