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Emergency Voluntary Registry

State of Delaware Emergency Preparedness Voluntary Registry – Special Needs Registration

About the Voluntary Registry
The Delaware ‘911’ emergency system and the Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) welcome you to the Emergency Preparedness Voluntary Registry for citizens who have special needs. ‘911’ and DEMA in collaboration with other agencies, both state and non-state, have developed this Voluntary Registry to help you prepare for an emergency event before it happens.

Local and state emergency planners and first responders will use the information gathered from this site to plan for local and state emergencies. The ability to plan ahead will help emergency personnel to better serve the community at times of crisis such as: snow, floods, fire, tornadoes, or events that involve terrorism.

How to Register

Complete the paper registration form

To register online please go to:

*Note: You can use the PDF document to complete all your info BEFORE beginning the online version. The online version doesn’t let you stop, save and/or return while you are filling out the form.

Important to Note

This is a voluntary registry. The information entered in it will be shared with ‘911’, fire, police, and EMT personnel and will be used by emergency planners and first responders in times of crisis. If you do not want to disclose your protected health information, please STOP now, and do not complete this form.

The submission of unauthorized protected health information through this registry is illegal and is considered a violation of 11 Del.C. §863. Be sure before entering such protected health information about another person that you have that person’s express permission to do so or by reference to Delaware law or statute.

  • In an actual emergency, response agencies will try to provide the necessary assistance, but this cannot always be assured.
  • To best guarantee personal safety, individuals should make plans and follow government response guidance.
  • The purpose of a Special Medical Needs Shelter is to provide shelter as a last resort. A personal caregiver should accompany you if you have specialized medical needs.
  • The Voluntary Registry is primarily web based and secure. By voluntarily completing the registryyou authorize that the information you enter will be shared with emergency planners at the local and state level in Delaware and that information will remain confidential at all times and will be used for the sole purpose of emergency planning, response, and return.
  • Information that you enter into this Voluntary Registry will be updated on an annual basis or as needed to remain current by you or your representative. A notice will be sent to you on an annual basis to remind you to update your information. By completing this Voluntary Registry you are authorizing the right to send a reminder notice by the program contractor to you on an annual basis in the format preferred by you. Should the contractor receive no response from you at that annual update, your information will be deleted from the Voluntary Registry.