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Emergency Plan Toolkit

This toolkit will help you develop a readiness plan for evacuating or sheltering in place during an emergency or disaster.

My Emergency Plan
This is the primary document we use for assisting individuals with their plan. The tool is a pdf form field version of the tool that can be filled out on a computer and saved electronically (for example, saved to a flash drive that individuals can keep with them wherever they go).

Additional Family Members Insert
This insert can be filled out by any household members that wish to be included in the plan (inserted into Part 1 of the Plan).

Functional Needs
These important inserts are worksheets that help guide the planning process with respect to an individual’s functional needs (inserted into Part 2 of the Plan).





Electricity-Dependent Equipment

Hearing Loss

Learning Attention

Medical Equipment


Memory Loss

Mental Health


Other Needs

Personal Needs

Service Animal or Pet

Severe Allergies

Use of Oxygen

Vision Loss

Navigator Guide
This document is provided to all Navigators during their initial training in using the planning “tool” to assist individuals with disabilities with their emergency preparedness plans.