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Delaware State Health Improvement Plan: Comments Invited

The Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH) wants your input on Delaware’s first State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP). DPH recently worked with a broad spectrum of non-profit and medical provider partners to create a draft statewide health assessment. The assessment was then used to develop an improvement plan – goals for our most important […]

Health Disparities Chartbook on Disability and Racial and Ethnic Status in the U.S.

Relatively little research has been conducted comparing the health of people with disabilities to that of people from racial and ethnic minority groups. However, research has consistently documented that, as a group, people with disabilities experience worse health than the general population. Prepared by the Institute on Disability at the University Of New Hampshire, the […]

Promoting Health and Preventing Disease for People with Disabilities

Webinar to Focus on the Unique Role of CDC’s Division of Human Development and Disability Episode 3: Differences in Health Status for People with Disabilities Tuesday, January 24th from 4:00- 5:00 pm EST CDC recognizes the challenges that people with disabilities face in achieving and maintaining good health. This webinar will describe some of the […]

The Emerging Landscape: The Law Related to People with Disabilities and Emergency Preparedness and Response

The Center for Disabilities Studies at the University of Delaware is hosting a two-part webinar series titled “The Emerging Landscape: The Law Related to People with Disabilities and Emergency Preparedness and Response” featuring Brian Parsons, Senior Policy Advisor at the Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

View the presentation […]

White House Disability Group begins monthly calls

The White House Disability Group is hosting monthly calls to provide updates on various disability issues as well as to introduce persons who work on disability issues in the federal government. The White House strongly encourages wide distribution this email so that anyone who wants to participate can do so. Their next call will be […]

Flu vaccine available

Vaccines are the best tool we have to prevent influenza. Everyone 6 months and older should get vaccinated against the flu this year. To find a vaccination location near you, use the Flu Vaccine Finder on the right, or go to to learn what to do about the flu.

New Partner Site Launched in Spanish

US Department of Health and Human Services has announced a new website, (, the first website of its kind in Spanish, to help consumers take control of their health care by connecting them to new information and resources to help them access quality, affordable health care coverage.


Disabilities are no hurdle to exercise, Opportunity and adaption get the job done

From the Wilmington News Journal

By KELLY BOTHUM * The News Journal * July 13, 2010

Marcus Johnson faces more challenges being active than most people. He is in a wheelchair, the result of cerebral palsy and an intellectual disability that limit his movement and make it harder for him to participate in traditional exercise […]

How does your community contribute to public health?

National Public Health Week

Communities are groups of people who work together for a common good. Some communities plant gardens to create food security and recreational opportunities, while others work to ensure their homes are lead-free. Some communities work to ensure members have access to health care services that focus on both treatment and prevention, […]

A Healthier America: One Community at a Time

National Public Health Week

Public health is a part of our everyday lives, from the water we drink and air we breathe, to the laws that protect us from injury and vaccines that help us stay healthy. Beginning today, April 5, we are celebrating National Public Health Week 2010. This is a time to celebrate […]