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How does your community contribute to public health?

National Public Health Week

accessible_bikeCommunities are groups of people who work together for a common good. Some communities plant gardens to create food security and recreational opportunities, while others work to ensure their homes are lead-free. Some communities work to ensure members have access to health care services that focus on both treatment and prevention, and others advocate for safe roads and recycling programs. Everyone in your community, including agencies, community organization partners, emergency services personnel and the general public, has a role to play in improving public health.

Strong, healthy communities also depend on the health of our families. Public health affects all of our families, across all generations. This includes family planning, prenatal care, childcare classes, access to healthy and nutritious foods, and even at-home care.

Did you know?

  • Children are more likely to bike or walk to school, which increases their activity levels, in communities that have newly built or improved sidewalks, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and bicycle paths.
  •  Simply sending an e-mail can lower smoking rates. College students who receive peer encouragement via e-mail are significantly more likely to stop smoking and smoke less often than those who don’t.
  •  Taking just a moment to receive (or give) a vaccination can be a life-saver. People in retirement communities are 27% less likely to be hospitalized and nearly half as likely to die from flu- or pneumonia-related complications if they receive yearly flu vaccinations.
  • Take advantage of resources in your community to stay healthy and active!

Farmer’s markets

It’s that time of year for fresh fruits and veggies from your local farmer’s markets!

Check it out to find one nearest you!

Outdoor recreation

This guide features accessible activities in Delaware State Parks.

New Castle County

Kent County

Sussex County

Check out sports and recreation activities for Delawareans with disabilities!

Bellevue State Park houses an accessible bicycle to give people with disabilities recreational opportunities.


Check out for a descriptive list of walking/hiking and riding trails at all Delaware state parks!

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